Introducing Glypher

Glypher is a Forth system for Windows, with many features to make developing games easier. It leverages the Allegro graphics library, and has paletted sprites, joystick input, sound, and a triple-buffered fullscreen mode.

Glypher is based on the RetroForth (7.x) programming language, giving it a solid, well developed base. The programming environment is similar to that of ColorForth, with a tightly integrated set of editors for handling graphics ("glyphs") and code.

Roger Levy was the developer of Glypher. He has since moved on to other interests, and has kindly permitted us to redistribute Glypher here. As he no longer works on Glypher, please do not bother him with questions or support requests. Ask in the "Off-Topic" area of the RetroForth Forum and we will try to be of help to you.

Raymond A. St. Marie has volunteered to provide a handbook (Read Handbook) detailing the environment and providing examples of running code. Ray has also agreed to answer questions (the ones that he can) about the usage of Glypher and its environment.

Download Glypher (source + binary release)