#!/usr/bin/env retro

This program generates an HTML index and exports (using the export-as-html.forth example) the samples to HTML. The files are stored in /home/crc/public/examples.


~~~'/home/crc/public/examples/ 'FILE-PATH s:const ~~~


~~~'FID var ~~~


This word takes a string and provides a flag of TRUE if it ends in /, or FALSE otherwise. It leaves the string pointer on the stack.

~~~:dir? (s-sf)   dup s:length over + n:dec fetch $/ eq? ; ~~~

This returns TRUE if the filename ends in .forth or .retro or FALSE otherwise.

~~~:source? (s-sf)   dup [ '.forth s:ends-with? ] [ '.retro s:ends-with? ] bi or ; ~~~

Words To Create The Index

~~~:s:put [ @FID file:write ] s:for-each ; :css   '<style>*{background:#111;color:#fff;font-family:monospace;}</style>        s:put ; :dtd   '<!DOCTYPE_html> s:put ; :title '<title>RETRO_Examples</title> s:put ; :head  '<head> s:put title css '</head> s:put ; :li    '<li> s:put call '</li><br>\n s:format s:put ; :link  dup '<a_href="/examples/%s.html">%s</a>_ s:format s:put ; :link2 '<a_href="/examples/%s.glossary"><br>&rarr;_glossary</a> s:format s:put        $. c:put ; :links source? [ [ dup link link2 ] li ] if; drop ; :body  '<body> s:put call '</body> s:put ; :make  dtd head body ; ~~~

Generate index.html

~~~FILE-PATH 'index.html s:append file:W file:open !FID [ '<h1>Examples</h1><br><ul> s:put   [ dir? &drop &links choose ] unix:for-each-file   '</ul> s:put nl ] make @FID file:close ~~~

Generate gophermap

~~~FILE-PATH 'gophermap s:append file:W file:open !FID 'Examples\n\n s:format s:put   [ dir? &drop [ dup '0%s\t/examples/%s.html\n s:format s:put ] choose ] unix:for-each-file @FID file:close ~~~

Generate HTML Files

~~~:export source? &drop -if;         FILE-PATH over         './export-as-html.retro_%s_>%s%s.html s:format unix:system $. c:put ;   [ dir? &drop [ export ] choose ] unix:for-each-file nl ~~~

Generate a Glossary File For Each

~~~:glossary source? &drop -if;    FILE-PATH over   'retro-document_%s_>%s%s.glossary s:format unix:system $. c:put ; ~~~

[ dir? &drop &glossary choose ] unix:for-each-file nl